Courtside 1891 Brings Unprecedented Basketball Action to Fans Worldwide with the 'World Cup Bundle'

Courtside 1891 Editorial Team 01 Aug 2023

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Package is launched as string of FIBA Basketball World Cup warm-up games are announced on Courtside 1891 

Courtside 1891, FIBA's home of live basketball streaming, is thrilled to announce an unmatched line-up of 29 pre-FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 friendly games.  

As of August 2nd, fans can watch some of the world's best teams and most talented players in action, tipping off with Slovenia's star Luka Dončić taking on Greece.  

Thanks to the “World Cup Bundle”, fans will have access to 29 World Cup warm-up and 92 World Cup games between August 2nd and September 10th. They will also access 56 Continental Olympic Pre-Qualifying games as part of the bundle.

Secure your 'World Cup Bundle' now on Courtside 1891 and be part of basketball history ahead of a summer of unforgettable moments on the court. Geo restrictions may apply for certain games. Please review our Where to Watch page for stream availability in your region.


World Cup Bundle on Courtside 1891

What’s included in the World Cup Bundle

1. FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 (Aug. 25 – Sep. 10)

The pinnacle of international basketball, the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, is the most anticipated event of the year.  

2. Continental Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments (Aug. 12 – Aug. 20)

The excitement continues with 56 games from the Continental Pre-Olympic Qualifying tournaments. Featuring the likes of Argentina, Türkiye, Nigeria and Croatia, witness these nations and more as they battle for a chance to secure their spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics, promising intense rivalries and unforgettable moments. 

3. FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Warm-Ups (Aug. 2 – Aug. 22)

Spanning the globe, teams competing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 will be immersed in warm-up action, with many notable match-ups.  

Here is the complete list of FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Warm-Ups games that will be shown on Courtside 1891: 


Warm-Up Games 


Aug. 2 




Slovenia - Greece  

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Aug. 4 




Finland - Lithuania  

Tampere, Finland 


Greece - Slovenia  

Athens, Greece 


Cape Verde - China  

Trento, Italy 


Italy - Türkiye 

Trento, Italy 


Puerto Rico - Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico

Aug. 5 




Latvia - Georgia  

Riga, Latvia 


3rd Place game  

Trento, Italy 



Trento, Italy 

Aug. 8 




Greece - Serbia  

Athens, Greece 


Slovenia - Montenegro

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Aug. 9 




Italy - Serbia  

Athens, Greece 


Finland - Estonia 

Espoo, Finland 

Aug. 10 




Greece - Italy  

Athens, Greece 

Aug. 11 




Lithuania - France

Vilnius, Lithuania  

Aug. 12 




Latvia - Dominican Republic

Riga, Latvia 

Aug. 13 




Italy - Puerto Rico 

Ravenna, Italy  

Aug. 14 




Lithuania - Finland  

Klaipeda, Lithuania   

Aug. 16 




Latvia - Finland  

Riga, Latvia 

Aug. 19 




Lithuania - Puerto Rico  

Taipei, Chinese Taipei 

Aug. 20 




China - Serbia  

Shenzhen, China 


Brazil - Italy  

Shenzhen, China 


Latvia - Puerto Rico  

Taipei, Chinese Taipei 


Venezuela - Jordan  

Quanzhou, China 


South Sudan - Iran  

Quanzhou, China 

Aug. 21 




New Zealand - Italy  

Shenzhen, China 


Serbia - Brazil  

Shenzhen, China 


Venezuela - Iran  

Quanzhou, China 

Aug. 22 




Lithuania - Latvia  

Taipei, Chinese Taipei 


South Sudan - Jordan  

Quanzhou, China 

*Additional games subject to confirmation

** Blackout restrictions may apply for certain Warm-Up games. Please review our Where to Watch page for more information on what streams are available in your region.