Whether it’s FIBA Qualifying action you’re after, or the latest FIBA Asia Cup match-ups, you can find basketball streams for many of the top tournaments in the calendar here.

Courtside 1891 covers the best events around, from seasonal league action featuring all-star teams, to the best-of-the-best duking it out for supremacy in international competitions. 

Find out how to watch basketball live streams with Courtside 1891 below. Not all games are shown live on Courtside 1891 due to other agreements with broadcasters. Please use the information below to check if the games you are interested are blocked in your region. Whilst we look to ensure that this page is as accurate as it can be, this list is subject to change and should be used as a guide only. We will aim to ensure that a finalised view of what games are available is published at least 24 hours before a tournament tips-off.


What live basketball streams can I watch this year?

Nothing captures the thrill of a basketball game quite like watching live and Courtside 1891 lets you catch matches from the world’s biggest basketball competitions. There is a feast of live basketball this summer and Courtside 1891 has FIBA live streams from international events live around the world, including the final qualifying window for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, women's Continental competitions and the FIBA Basketball World Cup. 

Check out the status of our 2022 basketball streams below

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Qualifiers

Who will make it the final showpiece event in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia in 2023? There are still spots up for grabs in next year’s FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup – and a whole host of teams battling to get there. Watch highlights, roundups and basketball live streams for all this summer’s FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers.

Every game will be streamed live on Courtside 1891 in some markets and the below table lists out all the geo-restrictions which are currently in place: 


Day Date Competition Fixture Unavailable
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Japan v Iran ITA, JPN
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Australia v Bahrain ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) China v Kazakhstan ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Lithuania v Hungary ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Czech Republic v France ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Netherlands v Georgia ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Bosnia & Herzegovina v Montenegro ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Iceland v Spain ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Italy v Ukraine ITA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Brazil v Puerto Rico ITA, BRA
Thu 23/2/23 FBWC(Q) Venezuela v Bahamas ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Uruguay v USA ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Colombia v Mexico ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Panama v Dominican Republic ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Argentina v Canada ITA, CAN
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) New Zealand v Saudi Arabia ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Philippines v Lebanon ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Cameroon v Congo DR ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Israel v Finland ITA, FIN
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) India v Jordan ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Nigeria v Côte d'Ivoire ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) South Sudan v Senegal ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Estonia v Slovenia ITA, FIN
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Cape Verde v Guinea ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Turkey v Latvia ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Greece v Serbia ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Tunisia v Egypt ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Uganda v Angola ITA
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Germany v Sweden ITA, GER, FIN
Fri 24/2/23 FBWC(Q) Great Britain v Belgium ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Congo DR v South Sudan ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Guinea v Nigeria ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Senegal v Tunisia ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Côte d'Ivoire v Uganda ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Egypt v Cameroon ITA
Sat 25/2/23 FBWC(Q) Angola v Cape Verde ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Australia v Kazakhstan ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) China v Iran ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Japan v Bahrain ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Tunisia v Congo DR ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Uganda v Guinea ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Cameroon v Senegal ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Cape Verde v Côte d'Ivoire ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Georgia v Iceland ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Ukraine v Netherlands ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) France v Lithuania ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Spain v Italy ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) South Sudan v Egypt ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Nigeria v Angola ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Montenegro v Czech Republic  ITA
Sun 26/2/23 FBWC(Q) Hungary v Bosnia & Herzegovina ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Brazil v USA ITA, BRA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Uruguay v Mexico ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Colombia v Puerto Rico ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Venezuela v Canada ITA, CAN
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Argentina v Dominican Republic ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Panama v Bahamas ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) New Zealand v Lebanon ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Philippines v Jordan ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) India v Saudi Arabia ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Finland v Germany ITA, GER, FIN
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Slovenia v Israel ITA, FIN
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Latvia v Greece ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Sweden v Estonia ITA, FIN
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Serbia v Great Britain ITA
Mon 27/2/23 FBWC(Q) Belgium v Turkey ITA




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What are geo-restrictions?

Due to broadcasting rights and restrictions, access to some games might be restricted depending on your location. It isn’t always possible to show all events everywhere.