FIBA Asia Cup 2022

Every minute of every game of the FIBA Asia Cup will be available to stream on Courtside 1891. Restrictions may apply

Where to stream FIBA Asia Cup 2022?

Watch FIBA Asia Cup live* using the video hub below. You’ll need an account to get started, but once you’re in you’ll have access to all the top plays and biggest games from the 30th Asia Cup Men’s International Basketball competition. It takes a few minutes to register and then you’re ready to start streaming. (* geo-restrictions dependent)

What is the FIBA Asia Cup?

The FIBA Asia Cup is the premier international basketball championship for Asia and Oceania. The tournament brings together the top teams across the two continents for a fortnight of intense basketball action. Formerly known as the Asia Championships, the international competition takes place every four years, with this year's competition having been postponed from 2021.